Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about your services.

We’re both financial advisors and investment advisors. That means we advise our clients on planning around major financial and life events, including marriage and domestic partnerships, children and college saving, homeownership, family death, inheritance, divorce, retirement and employment transition.

On the investment side, we help grow our clients’ wealth by managing and building their personalized investment portfolio(s) to meet their specific financial goals.

What are the benefits of working with both a financial and investment advisor?

A financial advisor helps you and your family make informed financial decisions and reduce the stress of weighing complex investment opportunities. An investment advisor proactively engages with the financial markets, keeps up with changing tax policies and strategize for the most efficient and effective ways to grow your resources.

What can I expect as a client of Insight Asset Management?

You get access - over the phone, in person at our Denver office, and by email -  to our advisors and staff dedicated to providing sound guidance and hands-on expertise to assist you to make smart financial decisions. We’ll get to know you and your family, offering personalized financial guidance and individualized investment strategies that meet your needs.

How are you different?

It all comes down to our accessibility and personal relationships with clients. Look, we know a lot of firms say that, but here is what it means for our clients: At its core we know our clients and what’s important to them in order to make the most thoughtful investment decisions, to assist them as they plan ahead, and respond to a range of life events.

Unlike mega financial firms or “robo-advisors,” with large call centers, we actually know our clients. We attend our client’s celebrations, know the names of their pets, favorite hobbies, and recent travels. We value the relationship side of the business and have learned that this level of personal connection directly transfers to client satisfaction. It’s not just about working with our clients and growing their wealth, but being an accessible, responsive partner. That means our clients, and often their family members, stick with us for generations.

Who are your clients?

We work with a range of clients - from grandparents to grandkids - who are looking for a trusted advisor to manage and cultivate their wealth over their lifetimes. Most clients are based in Colorado (Go, Broncos!), though we work with clients in many other states. We also work with businesses and nonprofits to set up retirement accounts and financial planning services for their employees.

What about your fees?

We offer competitive, transparent fees that are discussed upfront during your consultation with us. Nothing extra or hidden. We are not a commission-based company, so we don’t spend time pushing commission-based products to our clients.

As is the industry practice, we charge a very small percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM). That percentage generally decreases as clients place more assets with our firm. Those fees cover both our financial advisory and investment services for any member of a client’s household.

Where will my assets be held?

Client assets are held at Charles Schwab & Co. But we’re Independent Advisors, meaning we don’t have quotas or obligations to outside parties. We work only for our clients.

What’s your experience?

We’ve been at this for awhile and love working with our clients, many of whom have been with us even before  we launched Insight Asset Management in 2002. Meet our team online, or better yet, set up an appointment and come see us in person.

Do you have more questions? We'd be happy to speak with you.